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  • I have just finished watching the documentary “They Call It Myanamar” Robert H. Lieberman and his colleagues did a superb job in this production. Now with the visit of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama to Burma, is is with great hope of the World that Burma will evolve into a strong and sustainable Democracy. The Burmese people need the support of all industrialized countries and to let the Burmese people decide their own destiny. The world is willing to assist the Burmese people and initiate trade and tourism to change the economic landscape of this wonderful country ! Congratulations to all those involved in the presentation of this video!

  • We are showing this film at our film festival in Keswick 27th Feb to 2nd march. Anna Roberts of the Burma campaign will be leading the discussion. Come and see the film on the big screen and join in the discussion

  • This is the first documentary on Burma / Myanmar that I’ve liked. Thanks. The TB patient broke my heart.

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