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“…A dozen of the best documentaries I saw in 2012.”
-Roger Ebert’s Journal, Chicago Sun Times

“‘They Call It Myanmar’ is a thing of beauty… a documentary with all the virtues of a great feature film; its cinematography, music and contemplative words make it… a hymn to a land that has grown out of the oldest cultures in Asia.”
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

” ‘They Call It Myanmar’ reveals a face long hidden… the result is eye-opening and insightful”
-New York Times: Critics’ Pick

“The documentary is as quietly enthralling as Myanmar’s people.  Variously tough and poetic…  Lieberman possesses a warm and genuine curiosity.”
-Los Angeles Times

“There are a number of quietly startling moments . . . a solid and subtly moving portrait of the people of Burma…  Lieberman manages to capture the country’s beauty, along with the proud perseverance of its people.”
-The Washington Post

“…Defies the odds of creating a travelogue and, instead, delivers a compelling portrait . . . dwells with you . . . the definitive film on a country…”
-The Hollywood Reporter

“Filmmakers capture Myanmar.”
-New York Times

“…Robert H. Lieberman’s exceptional, truthful and exciting documentary . . . a documentary with all the virtues of a great feature film.  He has succeeded brilliantly.”
-San Francisco Examiner

“…The images of the people linger in the imagination . . . images of a country that is achingly beautiful…”

“The striking beauty of the country; the people; the decayed infrastructure; the extreme poverty; archival footage; an interview with pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi; Robert H. Lieberman has put together a collage of voices sounds and images. A labor of Love.”
-BBC World News

“…Pries the lid off daily life in what has long been one of world’s most isolated and repressed places . . . absorbs the country’s charms and cruelties and spills them out with disarming curiosity.”
-Associated Press

“…Inspiring . . . a powerful work…”
-Time Out Beijing, China

“With Myanmar on the verge of truly opening up, the best possible introduction is likely Robert H. Lieberman’s film, ‘They Call It Myanmar’.”
-Washington Times

“…They Call It Myanmar presents a multifaceted look at the world’s second-most-isolated country.”
-Time Out New York

“It still works, so buoyed is the film by its open and honest take on a subject that would have been all too easy to turn into another marketable tragedy.”
-Village Voice

“The film provides one of the ultimate functions of a documentary, taking us into the life and culture of a people most of us would never know.  …Not just interesting, but timely.”
-San Francisco Chronicle

“Burma Documentary Takes US by Storm . . . The film’s touching closing sequences tell of people’s aspirations.”
-Irrawaddy Magazine

“…An extraordinary documentary . . . an important, must-see film…”
-Lincoln Journal Star

“This is the best film I’ve seen about Burma…”

“…An astonishing and intimate look…”
-Northwest Asian Weekly

“This stunning and unprecedented view of Burma offers a unique look…  An extensive and rare interview with Aung San Suu Kyi guides the film through the millenia…”
-Times Square Gossip

“It’s a great example of the potential power of film . . . It may not be a big production, but it has a big heart.”
-Saturday Night at the Movies, Berkeley, CA

“You will be unable to stop caring about Burma after this movie.”
-Ambassador Ken Brill

“I cried while watching it.”
-Aung Din, U.S. Campaign For Burma

“You’ll be amazed.”
-Aye Chan Naing, The Democratic Voice of Burma

“Powerfully exposes the real sense of fear that people in Burma live with every day.”
-Mark Farmaner, Campaign for Burma, UK

“Emotionally engaging and visually stunning.  In a rare and revealing interview, Aung San Suu Kyi Brings authority and impact to this production.”
-Øyvind Håbrekke, Member of Norwegian Parliament

“Days later, I am still thinking about the quiet bravery and extraordinary peacefulness of the Burmese people.  This film will make a very deep impression on you.”
-Caroline Butler, Amnesty International, Bath U.K.

“The show sold out and the audience was very receptive.  I found it fascinating, so thank you for letting us show it.”
-Emma Mortimore, GM, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

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