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  • Did the young girl with TB ulcers get the help she needed??? Please tell me that she did. Great film, great to see. Thank you,


    Eric S

    • Yes, the young girl with TB ulcers was given money so that she could receive medical care. Thank you for your concern!

      • Just saw the film and that was my question – how was the little girl with TB? Glad to read she was given the funds. Was it from her family or others? Does that little girl have a chance of going to school or does she work like the others? Lastly, what are the best organizations to donate to help the children/people/families of this area?

        • Hello Jennifer, the director provided her with sufficient funds to receive the necessary medical care. We are not in contact with her personally and cannot comment on what she is now doing. Please refer to previous posts for references to make your donation. Thank you for your interest!

      • I was wondering the exact same thing….That little girl’s tears broke my heart. I’m glad she was given the money she needed to get help.

  • Hello! I was extremely touched by your documentary, especially the hardships these kids go through to get education. Has anyone helped put up a sort of scholarship or have these kids gotten any sort of help with their cost of education??

    • Thank you for sharing with us, the challenges they face to receive an education are disheartening but not insurmountable. Thankfully we were able to fund a year of post-secondary education for one student, using funds from poster sales following the screening of the film. Additionally, there are non-profit organizations which help to defray the cost of education through scholarship, please see our previous posts for a couple references if you would like to donate.

      • Thank you for your reply. I would actually love to donate and create a scholarship if possible through you since I dont have any connections to the country. Please write me an email regarding information on the subject to I’m so happy and excited to help in any way possible!!

        Claudia Cruz-Taforo

  • Burma,
    Stumbling upon this video, i have to admit I was filled with a bias. My friend and I have just finished high school and are embarking on a two year trip to see Southeast Asia. The idea of skipping Burma and heading straight into Thailand was a very pressing possibility, his was brought on by a……misunderstanding. This video and filled both my head and heart with new ideas and points of view on Burma. I would like to say a deep thanks to all of ou involved, I plan on visiting Burma and seeing what u have seen….maybe not to the same extent. I do have to ask, are there any tips or information you could extend my way as per getting into country, ie visas and rules/regulations. And what we should and shouldn’t do while there….my email is below so please write to me and I look forward to hearing from you..

    Ps offer is open to all who hold information that could help us

    • Hello Michael, we’re happy to hear that you found our work before your departure. How exciting that you have the opportunity to take a trip throughout Southeast Asia. We’ll post this with the hopes that you’ll receive more advice from our online community. Enjoy your trip, we wish you safe travels!

  • Dear Mr. Lieberman,
    Thank you for your outstanding documentary work in They Call It Myanmar. This is an important work in many ways, but especially in the fact that it exposes the real situation in Burma; most of what is available to Westerners are not much more than video tourism guides.
    I am curious: being the film was shot clandestinely, was there any subsequent fallout for you or the crew after it’s release? Are you or anyone associated with the film permitted back in the country?
    Thanks again for your dedicated effort,
    Josephine Buck

    • Thank you for the support. It was important for us to portray the current situation in Burma honestly. Fortunately, we did not receive any direct repercussions from what was shot and, thankfully, we continue to be permitted to enter the country. Our editors and directors were very careful in editing the footage so as to protect the identity of the Burmese people. Thanks again for your interest.

  • Look forward to see this. We must express concern for the ongoing persecution of ethnic and religious minorities. House Resolution 418 needs to be supported — it only asks the govt of Myanmar to do what any govt should do.

  • I just saw this documentary and I would like to help. I couldn’t find the link to donate. We can all make a difference and i would like to help in anyway possible. Thank you for opening my eyes to understanding and reaching out to those in need.

  • i just came from Myanmar and love the country so much. i also had no idea what to expect but was surprised by my experience. i went there to work with farmers and found out the difficult situation they are having. i began a project hoping that it might be able to help…its called social soil. i am hoping anyone could take the idea and develop it. i have made some progress and gaining alot of knowledge that might help. i even have interest from some groups in USA and will do a talk about it in Martha’s Vineyard and will visit Cornell University in New York in a months time. Anyone have ideas let me know or even if you have the ambition to make it your own project

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